As a research-based pharmaceutical organisation with a global footprint, Wockhardt is an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity and endeavours to be universally inclusive. With “Life Wins” as our corporate credo, we constantly seek and welcome talent that shares our stated goals and can assimilate our work culture and imbibe our nothing-is-impossible spirit.

As a Wockhardian, you can expect an environment of learning and growth that revels in innovation, recognises passion and rewards excellence. As a Wockhardian, you will be empowered and enabled to realise your full potential and emerge as a winner in terms of your professional and personal goals.

For, when Wockhardians win, Life Wins.

We offer Wockhardians a sustainable ecosystem of professional growth balanced with an emphasis on personal development and emotional satisfaction.

A year-round calendar of specifically structured events and initiatives, held across geographies, ensure a healthy work-life balance for all Wockhardians.

They include training programmes, coaching classes and mentoring workshops; sports tournaments, quiz contests and awareness talks; picnics, get-togethers and festive celebrations; and participation in awards, events and volunteering for social causes.

Wockhardians are encouraged to be assertive, articulate their own career goals and plans, and are constantly assured of leadership and management support to pursue a path of innovation and ingenuity aligned to holistic developmental goals at both, organisational and individual levels.

Not surprisingly, Wockhardt, Wockhardt Hospitals and Wockhardt Foundation have achieved leading ranks in the prestigious ‘Great Place To Work’ Survey. Also, Wockhardians have consistently been acknowledged and awarded at various industry fora, across categories and functional roles, on an individual as well as organisational level.

At Wockhardt, we believe that continuous learning produces consistent winners. As an organisation, we place our human capital at the heart of all the action and emphasise equally on the imperatives of capability building and workforce sustainability.

Using advanced methods of hiring, developing, motivating, rewarding and thereby nurturing the workforce; our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives are designed to welcome, assimilate and grow Wockhardians at every stage and inculcate in them a pride of belonging.

Leveraging technology to supplement on-site training, our customised Learning Management System (LMS) ensures continuous learning, enables monitoring and tracks progress.

Our induction initiatives include Aadharshila, Wockhardt Orientation Workshop and Basic Training Programme for sales professionals; and are a mix of speaker sessions, product walkthroughs, classroom training and site visits.

Our management development initiatives include, among others, Leadership Boot Camps; Regional Management Development Programme and Advanced Leadership Development Programme for sales professionals; and WockLead, a leadership development initiative for senior management. Some of the essential trainings we conduct are POSH, Prohibition of Insider Trading, Cyber Security and Digital Literacy.

Every initiative is carefully selected and distilled from a mix of proven principles, best practices and customised to fit and suit the organisation’s desired objectives and stated goals.

Every Wockhardian is coached, trained and mentored to grow professionally and encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure that they keep winning.

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As a research-based pharmaceutical company with a global manufacturing and marketing footprint, we manufacture and supply branded and generic finished formulations, as well as intermediate products like APIs, worldwide.

In our 50 years since inception, we have grown and evolved to emerge as an integrated pharmaceutical company with ‘Concept to Commercialisation’ capabilities.

Our global experience and expertise; international collaborations and partnerships; worldwide marketing presence; comprehensive R&D capabilities; a strong and growing Intellectual Property (IP) base; a portfolio of innovative products and novel drug delivery systems; and a promising pipeline of new drugs under development; make us the ideal choice can be leveraged for Contract Manufacturing, Market Access in developed and emerging markets, New Drug Development etc.

Our presence across the pharmaceutical value chain is complemented by our successful venture in healthcare where we have set up a chain of 10 super specialty tertiary care hospitals with an unmatched reputation for quality and life-saving and life-enhancing medical outcomes.

Winning Healthcare Services

Offering world-class tertiary and quaternary healthcare services, Wockhardt Hospitals is a chain of 9 super-speciality hospitals spread across Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Our comprehensive treatment and healthcare facilities across specialities include Multi-organ transplantation, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Critical Care, Oncology, Nephrology, Urology and applications of Growth Factor based therapy in Pain Management, Wound Healing and Aesthetics.

Our specialist doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals across hospitals have studied or trained or worked at some of the best medical institutions in the US and Europe. We adhere to the highest standards of patient care by following process-driven quality systems to ensure positive outcomes.

Our exclusive association with Boston based Partners Medical International (PMI) for over 17 years has given us access to a network of Harvard-affiliated hospitals around the world and their immense expertise and knowledge, ensuring that we adopt and deliver global best practices at our hospitals.

Our flagship Hospital – The New Age Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai Central – is the first multi-speciality hospital in South Mumbai to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), USA, and the gold standard in healthcare worldwide.

Our track record of quality, professionalism, and positive outcomes make us the preferred destination in India for patients from Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

The Wockhardian is an in-house newsletter of the Wockhardt Group that records and collates milestone events, special celebrations, important achievements and significant undertakings. Printed and distributed amongst Wockhardt locations all over, The Wockhardian provides a glimpse into the dynamic and inspiring workplace environment and camaraderie to be found at Wockhardt.

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