L&D Initiatives

At Wockhardt, we believe that continuous learning produces consistent winners. As an organisation, we place our human capital at the heart of all the action and emphasise equally on the imperatives of capability building and workforce sustainability.

Using advanced methods of hiring, developing, motivating, rewarding and thereby nurturing the workforce; our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives are designed to welcome, assimilate and grow Wockhardians at every stage and inculcate in them a pride of belonging.

Leveraging technology to supplement on-site training, our customised Learning Management System (LMS) ensures continuous learning, enables monitoring and tracks progress.

Our induction initiatives include Aadharshila, Wockhardt Orientation Workshop and Basic Training Programme for sales professionals; and are a mix of speaker sessions, product walkthroughs, classroom training and site visits.

Our management development initiatives include, among others, Leadership Boot Camps; Regional Management Development Programme and Advanced Leadership Development Programme for sales professionals; and WockLead, a leadership development initiative for senior management. Some of the essential trainings we conduct are ESG, POSH, Prohibition of Insider Trading, Cyber Security and Digital Literacy.

Every initiative is carefully selected and distilled from a mix of proven principles, best practices and customised to fit and suit the organisation’s desired objectives and stated goals.

Every Wockhardian is coached, trained and mentored to grow professionally and encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure that they keep winning.